Regular or Self Ligating
.022 or .018, Roth, MBT and Edgewise
Convertable or Non Convertable
Elasto and Stainless Steel Spacers 

Great Molar Band Pricing!!
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Buccal Tubes Trad & SL
Convertable, Non-Conv., or
Self-Ligating MBT or Roth
All quadrants. .022 and .018, 6's and 7's
80 guage mesh backing
Smooth, Low Profile and Anatomical
All Molar Bands
All singles $2.75, Double and Triples $3.25 per band!
Whole and Half Sizing Available
All Rx's or attachments available.


All Molar Separators

Elastomeric or Stainless Steel Spacers
160 rings w/wo knobs
, radio-opaque avail.

NEET Spacers in packs of 25
Radio-Opaque, no knobs, 1000/bag