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Oral Millimeter Ruler
Paper or Plastic Available
measure MM from midline or ends
Natural Brass Posted Closing Arch
AS LOW AS $15.00/10
Our smooth, bright, hard 304 SS
Soldered brass posts
Close all cases with Posted Arches
Top quality!
Universal Brass Posted Stainless Closing Arch
Our Posted Archwire is smooth, strong and bright SS
Brass Soldered Posts
Holds dentition strong during your final stages of treatment
Twin and V-Slot
Buy 10 TWIN CASES and get 1 FREE
$18.00/case-SALE ON ALL RX .018 ($14.00)
304 SS, Contored, smooth, mesh base 
Bright markings, low profile
Case of 20, Hooks 3,4,5
Singles Available