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Fun Retainer Cases with Mirrors and Retainer Buddies!!!
E-98 Surgical Masks, Gowns, Gloves, Sterile Bags
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Retainer Buddy
Many styles!!
Arch Wire Rack With Cover
10 SLOT/$70.00 OR 12 SLOT $78.00
Hard Thick Acrylic
Pentagon Shaped
Strong Hinges
Torque Measuring
Price: $125.00
Our calibrated Torque Measuring Device,
Is also a calibrated quality micrometer!
A handy tool for any Orthodontic office.
Wax Packs
Price: $22.00
Interproximal Brushes
Price: $16.00
50 brushes/$16.00
5 mixed colors
20 for $8.00
Great for seating retainer trays
Choose- Mint, Unflavored or Bubble Gum

Oral Millimeter Ruler
Paper or Plastic Available
measure MM from midline or ends
Retainer Cases with Mirrors
Available end of August
Taking orders now, please call.
$9.50 each
Bulk Ordering Available--SAVE
NITRILE/Non-Latex Exam Gloves
Powder Free
all sizes
28.00/250 gloves

Disposable Gowns,10/pk
Price: $50.00
Disposable, one size fits all
Open back design
Pack of 10/50.00
E-98 Surgical Masks
Price: $50.00
Super smooth and comfortable
Great option!  98% Efficacy
50/pk for $50.00
Face Shields
Price: $30.00
5/pk for $30.00
Full clear vision
Ultra light weight
Patent Pending
Autoclave Bags
Self Seal
3 sizes
BioSonic Cleanser Concentrate
Price: $70.00
ALL Purpose Disinfectant
16oz bottle makes 8 gallons
Great buy at $70.00
Be smart, shop Modern Arch!
ACTIVE Ortho Gum, $9.99/20

Single pack of 20-$9.99
Boxes of 15 packs of 20 each, $149.85
Fresh Mint Flavor
Chewie replacement
Xylitol based
Reduces caries risk
Accelerates Treatment
Reduces pain from tooth movement
Recommended for seating aligners
Recommended for traditional bracket braces

Elastic Placers 10/3.95

Elastic Placers
Bags of 10
4 colors
double ended