Great for spreading posterior and retracting anterior
-Rocking Chair or Anterior Curve
Thermal is active at 95 degree F
Horizontal Dimples available
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RC NiTi, Round
Choose Toe-In or Straight Legs
Choose SE NiTi or Thermal NiTi
Straight Legs Round in .016 and .018

Round RC NiTi Dimpled

Horizontal Dimple RC NiTi with Tow-In retraction
Spectacular results with natural retraction 
Sold bags of 100 or 25

Reverse Curve NiTi, Rectangular
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Choose SE NiTi or TH NiTi, Packs 25 or 100
Choose Toe-In or Straight Legs

Straight Legs Rectangular in .016x.022

Rectangular RC NiTi Dimpled
Rocking Chair with Tow-In and Horizontal Dimple
Available in packs of 025 or 100
Superelastic NiTi or Thermal Niti