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Tubing and Thread
Choose Hollow Tubing or Textured Thread
Clear or Gray
25 feet
Hollow tubing choices of .025 and .030
Zero-Bend Crimping Plier
(2 reviews)
$83 each or 2/$160.00
Best crimping plier for all needs!
Will not create "V" bend in wire.
Always heat steralize your pliers
for long wear.
Rotation Wedges
  • Non latex
  • Gray or clear
  • Bag of 100 wedges
Natural Brass Posted Closing Arch
AS LOW AS $15.00/10
Our smooth, bright, hard 304 SS
Soldered brass posts
Close all cases with Posted Arches
Top quality!
Retainer Buddy
Many styles!!
Retainer Cases with Mirrors
Available end of August
Taking orders now, please call.
$9.50 each
Bulk Ordering Available--SAVE
Universal Brass Posted Stainless Closing Arch
Our Posted Archwire is smooth, strong and bright SS
Brass Soldered Posts
Holds dentition strong during your final stages of treatment