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Many choices of perfect oral accessories!
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Crimp-Magic Stops
(2 reviews)
Our Patented Crimp Stops fit all size archwires!!
4 styles available
Truly simple to ligate and they grip tight!
HT Magic Stops
Heat Treated for difficult alloys
100/pk or 20/pk 
Easily holds on large dimension NiTi or SS!


2 types
Offset Extrusion Eyelet or Bridge Eyelet 
Eyelets with Chains, each
Extrusion Chain with Bridge Eyelet
Stainless Steel or 24K plated
SS or Ceramic Buttons 10/bag
304 SS, Ceramic and SS
round, rectangular
Crimpable Ball Posts, Long or Short
Crimpable Ball Posts
Long 3 mm, Short 1.5mm
SS, MDW or 24K options
Retainer Wire, Twisted SS
Flat SS Twisted, .010"x.028" in 60" Spool or 6"X10 Tube
Twisted SS is stronger than braided and breaks less.
MDW coated and 24K Gold Plated available

Retraction Loops (Crimpable)  2/pk
(1 review)
Price: $8.20
304 Stainless Steel, .016x.025, 7mmx5mm
Teardrop Shape, holds tight
Secure Set Adhesive, 2 styles
(2 reviews)
5 gm Syringes or
40/bag .35gm Compules

30 second light cure, opaque white

Secure-Set Band Cement
5 gm syringe, Blue color
30 second light cure
$16.00 each or less 2 or more

Palatal Bars
Many Choices, 304 SS

Arch Wire Markers
Price: $12.95
Deep-Orange Markers for Arch Wires
Clean Use Dispenser Box

Lingual Cleats 10/bg
304 SS, 10/pack
80 grade contoured mesh
Molar Separating Springs

Stainless Steel, .018", 25/pk
Small (bicuspids) and Large (molars) 
Separates tight bicuspids and molars

Crimpable Bent Hooks
Price: $12.90
Available Left or Right
Fits all size arch wires
3.5 mm high at bend
Ball hook end
10/pk for $12.90
Goodman Torquing Springs
The famous GTS is available!  
All dimensions! All sizes!
Single tooth treatment for root or crown torque.
Goodman Torquing Kits Available, BIG SAVINGS
Springs sold 5/pak, $65.25



Elastomeric or Stainless Steel Spacers
160 rings w/wo knobs

NEET Spacers in packs of 25
Radiopaque, no knobs, 1000/bag

Fits up to .020 or .018x.018 archwires
Used for Tipping, Torque and Ties
Tounge Tamers
Price: $14.50
Habit Breaker
Mesh Base
Rotation Wedges
  • Non latex
  • Gray or clear
  • Bag of 100 wedges
Price: $6.00

Use on Rectangular Arches only
Use our ZERO BEND Crimping Plier for tightest hold