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Natural, Universal, European, Standar 
Lingual NiTi and SS

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NiTi and Thermal NiTi Arch Wires

Natural, Universal, European and Lingual
Super Elastic and Thermal NiTi
Copper NiTi is coming very soon!!
Be smart and always choose Modern Arch


Stainless Steel Arch Wires
Very Bright and Smooth and Resilent
Natural,  European, Universal or Standard Lingual

Copper NiTi 27 Arch Wires
Constant movement within optimal forces
Natural U and L or Universal
Active at 80 degrees F (27 deg C)
Beta Titanium (TMA) Arch Wires
Super TMA Arch Wire
Holds Bends easily
Nickle Free

Dimpled Round NiTi Arch Wires
Stop NiTi shifting easily
Dimple In or Out, Upper or Lower
Also available in Reverse Curve

Dimpled Rectangular NiTi Arch Wires
Dimple In and Out
Stop shifting easily
Also available in RC
Pre-Torqued NiTi Arch Wires
20 degree torqued anteriors 
Control anterior dentition 
Natural form only


Tri-Active NiTi Arch Wires
Thermal NiTi with 3 Force levels
Anterior,Lateral and Posterior Flexes 
Excellent Bio-Dynamic Arch Wire

Reverse Curve NiTi Arch Wires
2 Styles, 2 NiTi choices
Styles- Rocking Chair or Straight Posterior
Dimples available in Rocking Chair only
Tri-Sectional Arch Wires

Choose your Anterior length and dimension
Choose your Posterior dimension
Retraction Hooks included

Braided Stainless Steel Arch Wires
Beautiful arch and performs
You will love to work with Braided Arches
Natural Archform only
Brass Posted Stainless Steel Arch Wires
Bright and strong
Spot welded brass posts
Great finishing arch
Natural and Universal
SE and TH Lingual Round NiTi Arch Wires
Bright Nickle Titanium
Anatomical Mushroom Shape
Upper and Lower Sizes available
Small, Medium and Large, XL sizes
SE and TH Lingual Rectangular NiTi Arch Wires
Mushroom Shape
Many sizes and dimensions
Lingual-Round Stainless Steel Arch Wires
.016 OR .018
Lingual-Rectangular Stainless Steel Arch Wires
Standard Shape
Bright 304SS
small, medium, large available