Super TMA Arch Wire
Holds Bends easily
Lots of Spring
Nickle Free
Natural, Universal
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Round Beta Titanium
Sold in 25/pk or 100/pk
TMA Beta-Titanium
Nickle Free, Low Breakage
Rectangular Beta Titanium
25/pk or 100/pk
TMA Beta-Titanium, Nickle Free
Smooth, holds bends great
Looped Arch Wires
5/PK for Beta/TMA-Mushroom looped.
10/pk for SS-Keyhole looped arches.

22-44 mm available in 2 or 4 loops.
Torqued Tri-Sectional Arch Wires
BT (TMA) anterior with SS posterior. 5/pk
Dual-Dimension with 20* anterior torque.
Finish simply without any anterior dishing.