Orthodontic Pliers, Specialty Pliers
-Top quality pliers offered, hardened carbide inserts for long life. 
Heat steralize only, no overnight soak over.
-Measuring tools
-Plier Racks


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Zero-Bend Crimping Plier
(2 reviews)
$83 each or 2/$160.00
Best crimping plier for all needs!
Will not create "V" bend in wire.
Always heat steralize your pliers
for long wear.
Speedy Elastomeric Plier
$83.00 each or 2/$160.00
Fast, simple elastomeric ligating
Reinforced tips for long life
Heat steralize only, no harsh solutions
Shorty Lig Twister

Used for Short Ligatures or Short Kobi Ligatures

Makes ligation a super easy!!!

You will love this tool :-)

$67.00 each or 3 for $180.00 

Bracket/Adhesive Removing Plier (org)
$83.00 each or 2/$160.00
Double sharp reinforced edge tips
Great for aerosol free debonding
Heat steralize only for long life


Bracket/Adhesive Removing Pliers
$83 each or 2/$160.00
Safty #1, no aerosols created when using
any of our pliers. Stay Covid safe.
Reinforced sharp edge tip.
New tips,no problem, call to place order.



Composite Removing Plier
$83 each or 2/$160.00
Saftey is #1, no aerosols created
using these pliers.
Reinforced sharp edge with tip.
New tips avialable, please call.
Heat steralize only, no harsh chemical soak.
Torque Measuring Device
Price: $125.00
Our calibrated Torque Measuring Device,
Is also a calibrated quality micrometer!
A handy tool for any Orthodontic office.
Arch Markers
Price: $12.95
Fire Red Markers
Oral Millimeter Rulers
Disposable Paper or Cold Steralizable Plastic
Flexible and quite handy
Measure MM from midline or ends
Plier Racks
Stainless Steel Plier rack (short handle only)
Acrylic Round Plier Rack (long, short and tools) 
$40 for SS and $33.00 Acrylic 
Arch Wire Rack With Cover
10 SLOT/$70.00 OR 12 SLOT $78.00
Hard Thick Acrylic
Pentagon Shaped
Strong Hinges