Orthodontic Pliers, Specialty Pliers
Top quality pliers and specialty tools
Heat steralize only, no overnight soak for long life
Hardened carbide inserts


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Measuring Template
Price: $6.50
Millimeter arch wire template.
Universal or Natural arch forms.
Great for precise accessory placement. 

Orthodontic Measuring Kits
Price: $29.45
1 measuring template
5 plastic mm ortho rulers
100 arch wire markers
Zero-Bend Crimping Plier
(2 reviews)
Best crimping plier for all needs!
Will not create "V" bend in wire.
Precise crimping that sticks!
Speedy Elastomeric Plier
Super fast and simple o-ring ligating.
Reinforced tips for long life.
Heat steralize only, no harsh solutions.

Composite Removing Plier
$83 each or 2/$160.00
Reinforced sharp debonding edge.
Heat steralize only, no harsh chemical soak.
Mathieu Pliers
Price: $65.00
Multiple uses Mathieu Pliers.
Locks in place with etched surface.
High quality Stainless Steel.
Separator Pliers
304SS, carbide tips, with or without spring.
Heat Steralize for long life.
Useful in placing molor separators.
1 for $50 or save-2 for $95
Bracket/Adhesive Removing Plier
Great for debonding.
Smooth Brushed SS.

Heat steralize only for long life.


Bracket/Adhesive Removing Pliers
$83 each or 2/$160.00
Reinforced sharp edge tip.
New tips,no problem, call to place order.



Ligature Spinner Plier
Used for Short Ligatures.
Makes ligatures super easy.
Fast and fun!


Arch Wire Rack, Aluminum
6 color choices, Aluminum
Easily steralize with autoclave
12 arch size slots
Plier Racks, 2 styles
Stainless Steel Rack (short handled only).
Acrylic (for long or short and tools).

Oral Millimeter Rulers
Choose: Disposable Paper or Steralizable Plastic.
Flexible and quite handy!
Millimeter markings from midlines or end.
Arch Wire Rack-Hard Acrylic
10 Slots, Strong hinges.
A-framed lid closure.
Torque Measuring Device
Price: $125.00
Measure you torque precisely.
Calibrated quality micrometer!
A handy tool!