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All Buccal Tubes and Molar Bands
Light Cure Adhesive, Blue Cement, and Kits
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Twin or V-Slot Cases, 20/kit
(1 review)
Buy 10 TWIN CASES and get 1 FREE
Low profile comfort, contored mesh base 
Case of 20, Hooks 3,4,5, singles Available 



Single Twin Brackets

Single Twin Brackets
Roth and MBT or Edgewise
.018 or .022, Regular and Mini
80 grade mesh, Contoured base
304 Bright hard Stainless Steel

Ceramic Twin Brackets, 20 kit

Roth or MBT, .018 and .022
$69.00/case, buy 10 get 1 free
Gorgeous, comfort hooks on 3's, 4's, and 5's 

Singles available
Dovetail grooves for strong hold

Single Ceramic Brackets
Single Ceramic Brackets
$3.85 each
.018 and .022 Roth
Beautiful, non-staining
Double-Slot Roth Brackets, 28/case
Yes! Double Slot Brackets!!
.018 and .022 in the same bracket.
Smooth, Low Profille and Very Usefull!
$39.00/case with Buccal Tubes included.

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SLB Roth or MBT Cases, 20/kit
Choose ROTH or MBT, .022 or .018
$109.00/case, All Stainless Steel
Case of 20, Hooks 3,4,5
Comfortable, low profile
80 gauge mesh bonding 
Laser micro-welded
Easy open/close tool included
SLB Torqued System, 20/kit
Our S/LB System, 20/case
$145.00/case, 3 options
choose from High, Medium or Low Torque
Class I, II, or III straightened with ease!
Sapphire .022 Roth
Cases $138.00
Breakage resistant coating
Singles also available
Poly-Clear Bracket Case, 20/kit
Price: $28.75
Polycarbonate-does not stain
.022 Roth, low profile
Very Clear
Great esthetic option for savings
Try our excellent coated arch wires!
Secure Set Adhesive
(2 reviews)
Choose 5gm Syringes or 40 Compules/pack
30 second cure, opaque white, med.thick
Light-Cure only, Chem-Cure not sold separatly

Secure-Set Band Cement
5 gm syringe, Blue color
30 second light cure
$16.00 each or less 2 or more

Secure Set Adhesive Kits

SECURE SET Adhesive Kits
Light-Cure or Chem-Cure

Etch 37% and Primer, 10/ml

10 ml bottle
Dental Grade
choose Etch or Primer

LED Curing Light
Charging base, small comfortable design
Eye guard protection attached
Available in blue and white

Buccal Tubes
Available in Convertable and Non-Convertable
Single or Double,  MBT or Roth, .018 or .022
Lingual Accessories also available


Double Slot Buccal Tubes
Price: $1.85
Double slot buccal tubes!
Auxilary ready-Simplify your ordering
All quadrants, center hook, .022
Standard Rx- no torque, offset or tip


Molar Bands-Whole Sizing

All singles $2.75, Double and Triples $3.25 per band!
Fast Shipping
All Rx's or attachments available



Molar Bands-Half Sizing

All singles $2.75, Double and Triples $3.25 per band!
Fast Shipping
All Rx's or attachments available



Plated Twin Bracket Cases or Singles
CALL TO ORDER/ 20/case or singles
24k Gold $85.00, Rhodium 90.00, Rose Gold $90.00
Great for Nickle Alergies
Decrease friction
Thickest 50mil plating on the market
Mini Lingual Bracket Case, 28/kits
Price: $104.00
Mini Lingual Comfort Brackets
$104.00/case, includes 28/case
Smooth, Low Profile and Contoured.
Molar NEET Springs
.018 SS, 25/pk