High Quality, Twin SS, plating available, All Rx
Ceramic and Sapphire-ROTH ONLY
Self-Ligating, Roth, MBT and Torqued
Bi-Dimensional Twin, shop single brackets.
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EZ-Snap (SL) Brackets
Choose ROTH or MBT, .022 and .018
$109.00/case (Buy 20 get 1 Free) 
Case of 20, Hooks 3,4,5
Easy snap door closure
Comfortable, low profile
80 gauge mesh bonding 
Laser micro-welded
Easy open/close tool included
Ceramic Brackets
Buy 10 cases get 1 FREE
$69.00/case ($62.73/11)
Roth or MBT, .018 and .022
Singles Available
Sapphire Roth Brackets
Buy 10 get 1 free
Cases $138.00
Singles Available/Please call
Lingual Mini Case
Price: $104.00
Mini Peek-a-Boo Lingual Brackets
Buy 10 get 1 free
Twin and V-Slot
Buy 10 get 1 FREE
$18.00/case  ($16.36 for 11)
Bulk discounting is available
Singles Available



Plated Brackets
CALL TO ORDER--Buy 20 get 1 Free
24k Gold  $85.00, Rhodium 90.00, Rose Gold $90.00
Great for Nickle Alergies
Decrease friction
Thickest 50mil plating on the market
Extreme (SL) Brackets
$145.00/case, all Rx
Buy 20 get 1 Free
Treat Classes 1,2, and 3
Price and Compare
Single Ceramic Brackets
Single Ceramic Brackets
$3.85 each
.018 and .022 Roth
Beautiful, non-staining
Single Twin Brackets

Single Twin, All Rx

.95 each Roth or MBT, .75 for Edgewise