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Magic Crimp Stops 100/pk
(2 reviews)

Our Patented Crimp Stops fit all size archwires!!
Truely simple to ligate, superior hold and multiple specialized surface treatments!
Choose colors---Silver Magic,24K gold plate, Dental White (MDW), or Black Etched
Our Zero Bend Crimping Plier is the perfect accompaniment for any crimping need!

Eyelets, w or w/o chain, each
80 grade mesh
Low profile, contoured base
Extrusion, Bridge or with Chain
SS or Ceramic Buttons 10/bag
304 SS, Ceramic, 24K or MDW Buttons
80 guage contoured mesh pad
smooth and low profile
T-Tubes--2 sizes
2 sizes!!  Fits any archwire size
*Make a posted archwire
*use for Tipping, Torque and Ties
Crimpable Ball Posts, Long or Short
Crimpable Ball Posts
Long 3 mm, Short 1.5mm
SS, MDW or 24K options
Crimpable Bent Hooks
Price: $12.90
Available Left or Right
Fits all size arch wires
3.5 mm high at bend
Ball hook end
10/pk for $12.90
Crimpable Teardrop Loops 2/pk
(1 review)
Price: $8.20
304 Stainless Steel, .016x.025, 7mmx5mm
Easy crimping for all size arch wires
Holds tight
Closes spaces easily

Price: $6.00
10/pk for $6.00
Use on Rectangular only
Tounge Tamers
Price: $14.50
Habit Breaker
10/pk for $14.50
V-Slot Ball Clasps 100/bg
304SS strong ball clasp
100 per bag
Lingual Flat Twist Retainer Wire
60" SPOOL $38.00
6"X10 PER TUBE $42.00
MDW or 24K Plating available