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Magic Crimp Stops
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Retraction Springs w/Eylets

 9mm or 12mm, .009 &.010" on .030" 
Tops in NiTi Lasting Strength
Great for retraction or extrusion
MDW coated option available


Lingual Flat Twist Retainer Wire
60" SPOOL $38.00
6"X10 PER TUBE $42.00

Ball Posts
Crimpable Ball Posts
Long 3 mm, Short 1.5mm
Niti Coil Springs

Many choices
NiTi Open, Closed, Stop Wound
Bright, resilient and strong  
.010 on .030 is our biggest seller!
Available in 15" spool or 3x7" tube
MDW NiTi available in open
MDW SS available in closed

Stainless Steel Coils
Bright Strong SS coils work and save $!
.010 on .030
36" Open spool or 15" and 40" Closed
MDW closed SS available, 2x5"/pk
Rotation Wedges
  • Non latex
  • Gray or clear
  • Bag of 100 wedges
Tubing and Thread
Choose Hollow Tubing or Textured Thread
Clear or Gray
25 feet
Hollow tubing choices of .025 and .030

Strong 304 SS
Choose Long, Short Twisted, Coated,
and Kobyashi

Elastomeric O-Rings
24/stick or 10/stick
Package of 1,000 Rings
Many colors! 
Ask about our new coral color!
Price: $11.75
34 Colors, $11.75 for 15'
Choose short or continuous
Long is special order
Great lasting pull force
Molar Separators

2 stars/pk--160 rings total
Aqua light w/ knobs, Purple heavy w/ knobs
Blue light w/o knobs

Molar Bands
~Order form is available
  Easily fax or email this form
~As low as $2.35 per band!
~All Rx's or attachments available.


TAD NiTi Springs
TAD NiTi Extrusion Springs
12mm length, .010 on .030
One large eyelet, one small
Even force for extrusion
20 for $8.00
Great for seating retainer trays
Choose- Mint, Unflavored or Bubble Gum

Interproximal Brushes
Price: $16.00
50 brushes/$16.00
5 mixed colors
Wax Packs
Price: $22.00
Tounge Tamers
Price: $14.50
Habit Breaker
10/pk for $14.50
Price: $6.00
10/pk for $6.00
Use on Rectangular only
Oral Millimeter Ruler
Paper or Plastic Available
measure MM from midline or ends
ACTIVE Ortho Gum, $9.99/20

Single pack of 20-$9.99
Boxes of 15 packs of 20 each, $149.85
Fresh Mint Flavor
Chewie replacement
Xylitol based
Reduces caries risk
Accelerates Treatment
Reduces pain from tooth movement
Recommended for seating aligners
Recommended for traditional bracket braces

Elastic Placers 10/3.95

Elastic Placers
Bags of 10
4 colors
double ended

Crimpable Bent Hooks
Price: $12.90
Available Left or Right
Fits all size arch wires
3.5 mm high at bend
Ball hook end
10/pk for $12.90
Crimpable Teardrop Loops 2/pk
Price: $8.20
304 Stainless Steel, .016x.025, 7mmx5mm
Easy crimping for all size arch wires
Holds tight
Closes spaces easily

Lip Bumper Tubing
Price: $10.25
10 ft. spool
$10.25 each
Gray or Clear