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Magic Crimp Stops
(2 reviews)
Ball Posts
Crimpable Ball Posts
Long 3 mm, Short 1.5mm
Molar Bands
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Chewies/Tray Seaters
20 per bag/$17.00
3 flavors
Interproximal Brushes
Price: $16.00
50 brushes/$16.00
5 mixed colors
Wax Packs
Price: $17.00
Tounge Tamers
Habit Breaker
10/pk for $14.50
Price: $6.00
10/pk for $6.00
Use on Rectangular only
Oral Millimeter Ruler
Paper or Plastic Available
measure MM from midline or ends
ACTIVE Ortho Gum

15 foil packs of 20 chews

Fresh Mint Flavor

Recomended for Retainer seating

Accelerates treatment time

Sugar Free and Kills Bacteria

Elastic Placers 10/3.95
Elastic Placers for patient ease.