Very Bright and Smooth and Resilent
Natural,  European, Universal, Standard and Lingual

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Stainless Steel Round
Price: $18.00
Bright, shiny and very smooth, 304 SS
Natural 2, U/L, European U/L or Universal
Coaxial wire under Multi Strand


Stainless Steel Rectangular
Price: $32.00
Bright, shiny and smooth, 304 SS
Natural 2 U/L, European U/L, Universal

Braided Stainless Steel Arch Wire
8 Strand- Rectangular
Shape-Natural U/L
Flexible, High Spring Archwire
Keyhole and Mushroom Arches
5/PK for Beta/TMA-Mushroom looped
10/pk for SS-Keyhole looped arches
22-44 mm available in 2 or 4 loops
Stainless Round - Micro Dental White Arch
Packs of 25 or 100
Labial surface coated 
Almost invisable in the mouth
Stainless Rectangle - Micro Dental White Arch
Packs of 25 or 100
Labial surface coated only
Almost invisible in the mouth
Gold Toned Stainless Steel Arches
Increased resiliance
Increased hardness
25 for $16.00
Natural, European or Universal
Natural Brass Posted Closing Arches
Our smooth, bright, hard 304 SS
Soldered brass posts
Close all cases with Posted Arches

Universal Brass Posted Stainless Closing Arch
Smooth, strong and bright SS.
Brass Soldered Posts

Lingual-Round Stainless Steel Arch Wires
.016 OR .018
Lingual-Rectangular Stainless Steel Arch Wires
Standard Shape
Bright 304SS
small, medium, large available
Tri-Sectional Dual Dimension Arches

Choose anterior width and arch shape
Non Torqued anterior
Posterior SS or NiTi, Anterior SS only
Retraction and sliding mechanics in one arch