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ACTIVE Ortho Gum
Single pack of 20-$9.99
Boxes of 15 packs of 20 each, $149.85
Fresh Mint Flavor
Chewie replacement
Xylitol based
Reduces caries risk
Accelerates Treatment
Reduces pain from tooth movement
Recommended for seating aligners
Recommended for traditional bracket braces
Wax Packs
Price: $22.00
50 patient packs/$22.00
4 mixed color packs
20 for $8.00
Great for seating retainer trays
Choose- Mint, Unflavored or Bubble Gum
Retainer Cases with Mirrors
Available end of August
Taking orders now, please call.
$9.50 each
Bulk Ordering Available--SAVE
Lingual Flat Twist Retainer Wire
60" SPOOL $38.00
6"X10 PER TUBE $42.00
MDW or 24K Plating available

Tray Remover-Elastic Placer

$3.95/bag of 10 
4 colors
double ended

Retainer Buddy
(1 review)
We are the exclusive US Bulk Rate Distributor for
the Retainer Buddy. Young patients and especially the
parents will love them! Adorable secure safe storage
for your patients who misplace things. Buy singles or
save with wholesale pricing!! Sells at $20.00 on line.
Call for more details on BULK SAVINGS

SS or Ceramic Buttons 10/bag
304 SS, Ceramic, 24K or MDW Buttons
80 guage contoured mesh pad
smooth and low profile