Clear Aligner accessories
Patient Accessories 

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Smile Shapers-Clear Aligner System
Price: $1,095.00

* Highly advanced precision DLS tech carbon-printing
 combined with lasting firm comfort of 3-ply Zendura Flex.
*Accepting scans or impressions.  
*Two orthodontists per case/ $1095, full treatment


20 for $8.00
Great for seating retainer trays
Choose- Mint, Unflavored or Bubble Gum
SS or Ceramic Buttons 10/bag
304 SS, Ceramic and SS
round, rectangular
Tray Remover-Elastic Placer

Bags of 10, 50 & 100 
4 colors
Double ended

Retainer Cases w/Mirrors
Plastic Retainer Cases with Mirrors
Easy to Clean
8 colors
Patient Relief Wax Packs
Price: $22.00
50 patient packs/$22.00
4 mixed color packs
Un-scented, good quality