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Diamond Twin and V-Slot Cases
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BUY 10 TWIN CASES and get 1 FREE
Low profile comfort, contored mesh base 
Case of 20, Hooks 3,4,5, singles available 



.022 Roth Buccal Tubes 2/pk
A very slight difference from our current stock.
.022 Roth Buccal Tubes 2/pk  $2.00
Sapphire Roth Cases
Price: $65.00
Clear Sapphire Twin Brackets
Cases of 20 or Singles Roth .018
Contact us for single bracket orders
.017x.022 NiTi Arches
Price: $34.50
Close out, 50% discount.
Natural U and L or Universal.
Available in bags of 100 only.

Palatal Bars
Mesial and Distal
41mm through 49mm 

304 SS, 10/pk

NiTi Natural---Round
Superelatic Natural Upper & Lower 
Previous overstock, all sales final.
Very slight variation from current stock. 

NiTi Natural---Rectangular
Natural Upper & Lower.
Previous Overstock.

Thermal NiTi--Universal
Previous overstock, all sales are final.
Very slight variation than current stock
This is a great Copper NiTi sale!! 


Thermal NiTi--Natural Round
Overstock, save big on Copper NiTi!

Thermal NiTi--Natural Rectangular
Previous overstock, all sales are final.
This is a great Copper NiTi sale!! 

Round Brass Posted Arch Wires
.018 or .020, 10/pk
Laser spot-welded brass on SS 
$20.00/pk, Natural U and L
Tri Force NiTi Arch Wires
Thermal NiTi with 3 Force levels.
Anterior,Lateral and Posterior Flexes. 
Excellent Bio-Dynamic Arch Wire.

Price: $6.00

Use on Rectangular Arches only
Use our ZERO BEND Crimping Plier for tightest hold

Retainer Cases w/Mirrors
Plastic Retainer Cases with Mirrors
Easy to clean, great storage.
8 swirly cases/pk
Disposable Gowns  10/pk
Price: $15.00

Disposable, one size fits all
Open back tie design, Non-Latex
Tie in back, covered arms and shoulders

Surgical Masks, 50/box
Price: $35.00
Smooth, easy to breathe and comfortable.
3-ply, 98% Efficacy
50/pk for $40.00