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GT Magic Stops
Heat Treated for difficult alloys
100/pk or 20/pk 
Easily holds on large dimension NiTi or SS!


PETG, Splints and EVA
Price: $0.00
Coming Very Soon
Essix quality.
Free samples available
Square 5x5, Round 125mm
Dimpled Round NiTi Arch Wires
Stop NiTi shifting easily
Dimple In or Out, Upper or Lower
Also available in Reverse Curve

Dimpled Rectangular NiTi Arch Wires
Dimple In and Out
Stop shifting easily
Also available in RC
Retraction Loops (Crimpable)  2/pk
(1 review)
Price: $8.20
304 Hard SS .016x.025, loop is 7mmx5mm
Teardrop shape, holds tight on any size arch
Smooth continuous forces for closure
Stainless Steel Lab Wire
Orthodontic Lab Stainless Steel Wire
.028mm through .045mm, 14"x20 tube
Bulk orders 1000 or more per pack
Coaxial NiTi Wire
SS and NiTi, Coming Soon
Nickle Titanium, 7 strand, 304 SS
20/tube, 14"
Arch Wire Rack-Aluminum
6 color choices, Aluminum
Easy Clean with Autoclave
12 wire slots, NEW ITEM!
Crimp-Magic Stops
(2 reviews)
Our Patented Crimp Stops fit all size archwires!!
4 styles available
Truly simple to ligate and they grip tight!
20° Anterior Torque Tri-Sectional Arch Wires

Choose Anterior Length and Arch Shape
Posterior SS, 20deg torqued anterior in Beta-Ti
Super Closing/Finishing Arch