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Smile Shapers-Clear Aligner System
Price: $1,095.00

* Highly advanced precision DLS tech carbon-printing
 combined with lasting firm comfort of 3-ply Zendura Flex.
*Accepting scans or impressions.  
*Two orthodontists per case/ $1095, full treatment


Retraction Loops (Crimpable)  2/pk
(1 review)
Price: $8.20
304 Stainless Steel, .016x.025, 7mmx5mm
Teardrop Shape, holds tight
HT Magic Stops
Heat Treated for difficult alloys
100/pk or 20/pk 
Easy hold on large dimension NiTi or SS!


Crimp-Magic Stops
(2 reviews)
Our Patented Crimp Stops fit all size archwires!!
5 surface treatments in total
Truly simple to ligate and all grip tight!
Dimpled NiTi-Round
Super-Elastic and Thermal NiTi
Dimple In or Out, Upper or Lower
Stop NiTi shifting easily

Dimpled NiTi-Rectangular
Super-Elastic or Thermal NiTi choices
In Dimple or Out Dimple
Stop Shifting Easily

20° Anterior Torque Tri-Sectional

Choose Anterior Length and Arch Shape
Posterior SS, 20deg torqued anterior in Beta-Ti
Super Closing/Finishing Arch

Tri-Sectional Arch, SS or BT
Choose Anterior Length, alloy and dimension 
Posterior always SS
20deg torqued anterior available
Super Closing/Finishing Arch

Copper NiTi

Copper NiTi Arches!!
Natural U and L or Universal

Active at 80 degrees F (27 deg C)

Arch Wire Markers
Price: $12.95
Deep-Orange Markers for Arch Wires
Clean Use Dispenser Box

Double Slot Buccal Tubes
Price: $1.85
Double slot buccal tubes!
Auxilary ready-Simplify your ordering
All quadrants, center hook, .022
Standard Rx- no torque, offset or tip


Arch Wire Rack-Aluminum
6 color choices, Aluminum
Easy Clean with Autoclave
12 wire slots, NEW ITEM!
Shorty Lig Twister
Used for Short Ligatures Ligating
Makes ligation a super easy


Separator Plier
304SS, carbide tips
Heat Steralize
Use for placing molor separators and o-rings.
1/$38 or 2/$70
Fits up to .020 or .018x.018 archwires
Used for Tipping, Torque and Ties
Goodman Torquing Kit
Big Savings! $184.75
Goodman Torquing Springs
The famous GTS is available!  
All dimensions! All sizes!
Single tooth treatment for root or crown torque.
Goodman Torquing Kits Available, BIG SAVINGS
Springs sold 5/pak, $65.25


Palatal Bars
Many Choices, 304 SS

Coaxial Wire
SS and NiTi, Coming Soon
Nickle Titanium, 7 strand, 304 SS
20/tube, 14"
Stainless Steel Lab Wire
Orthodontic Lab Stainless Steel Wire
.028mm through .045mm, 14"x20 tube
Bulk orders 1000 or more per pack
Disposable Gowns  10/pk
Price: $20.00

Disposable, one size fits all
Open back tie design, Non-Latex
Tie in back, covered arms and shoulders

Surgical Masks, 50/box
Price: $40.00
Smooth, easy to breathe and comfortable.
3-ply, 98% Efficacy
50/pk for $40.00
Mathieu Pliers
Multiple use Mathieu Pliers
Tight lock grip and hold surface
High quality Stainless Steel