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Crimpable Teardrop Loops 2/pk
(1 review)
Price: $8.20
304 Stainless Steel, .016x.025, 7mmx5mm
Easy crimping for all size arch wires
Holds tight
Closes spaces easily

Looped Closing Retraction Arches
Natural only, 5/PK
2 loop SS is $35.00, TMA is $45.00
4 loop SS is 40.50, TMA is $58.00
Spacing for SS or TMA from 22mm-44mm
.021x.025 SS available in 4 loop only
Extra TMA sizing- 46mm, 52mm and 56mm
Great closing arch!!
Crimpable Bent Hooks
Price: $12.90
Available Left or Right
Fits all size arch wires
3.5 mm high at bend
Ball hook end
10/pk for $12.90
Self-Ligating Ceramic, 20/kit
Self-Ligating Ceramic Full Case
Ceramic body and door
Smooth tight closure
LR4/5 and LR4/5 are Stainless
Light Cure Bracket Adhesive Kits
Box Kit includes:
5 gm syringe paste
10 ml bottles liquid etch
10 ml bottle liquid primer
Opaque white
30 second cure
1 or 2 syringe Kits ($27 or $40)
Made in USA
Light Cure Adhesive
5 gm paste or Single Carpules
Opaque white
30 second light cure
$15.00ea or 4/$55.00
Single Carpules 40/bg, $120.00
Light Cure Band Cement
5 gm syringe
Blue color
30 second light cure
Low pricing, always!
$16.00ea or less when 2 or more
Double Slot Case, .018/.022
.018 Gingival and .022 Incisal Slots
Smooth, Low Profile, Clear Markings
8 Buccal Tubes included, $39.00/case
Great treatment capabilities
Etch 37% and Sealant Primer
10 ml bottle
Dental Grade
Plier Racks
Stainless Steel Plier rack (short handle only)
Acrylic Round Plier Rack (long, short and tools) 
$40 for SS and $33.00 Acrylic 
Ceramic Half-Case, 10 uppers
5 to 5 Upper, Roth or MBT
.018 and .022
Smooth and Comfortable
V-Slot Ball Clasps 100/bg
304SS strong ball clasp
100 per bag
T-Tubes--2 sizes
2 sizes!!  Fits any archwire size
*Make a posted archwire
*use for Tipping, Torque and Ties
Tri-Sectional Arch, SS or BT
Posterior always SS
$39.50/5 for SS Anterior
$49.50/5 for BT Anterior
Beta-Titanium Anterior-special order
Tri-Sectional BETA Titanium 20° Anterior Torque
Magic Crimp Stops 100/pk
(2 reviews)

Our Patented Crimp Stops fit all size archwires!!
Truely simple to ligate, superior hold and multiple specialized surface treatments!
Choose colors---Silver Magic,24K gold plate, Dental White (MDW), or Black Etched
Our Zero Bend Crimping Plier is the perfect accompaniment for any crimping need!

Rectangular Niti Dimpled - Horizontal Dimple
SE $89.00/100, TH $113.00/100
Packs of 25 available
Only in Natural Shape or RC
Top quality Nickle Titanium!
Round Niti Dimpled - Horizontal Dimple
SE $69.00/100, TH $98.00/100
Natural only
Upper dimple for upper arch only
Lower dimple for lower arch only