2 Styles-2 NiTi choices
STYLES-Rocking Chair or Straight Posterior
Horizontal Dimples available in Rocking Chair only
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Rev. Curve Round NiTi-2 styles
Choose Toe-In or Straight Legs
Choose SE NiTi or Thermal NiTi
Straight Leg RC in .016 and .018

Round RC NiTi Dimpled

Dimpled RC NiTi-- Tow-In only
Spectacular natural retraction 
Super Elastic or Thermal NiTi

Rect. Rev. Curve NiTi-2 styles
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Choose SE NiTi or TH NiTi
Choose Toe-In or Straight Legs

Rectangular RC NiTi Dimpled
Dimpled RC NiTi with Tow In
Spectacular retraction

Superelastic NiTi or Thermal Niti