Spooled Orthodontic Wire
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NiTi Coil Springs
NiTi Open, Closed, Stop Wound
Bright, resilient and strong  
15" spool or 3x7" tube, many sizes
NiTi Open with MDW Coating 7" piece
Stainless Steel Coil Springs
Bright Strong SS coils
.010"on.030", open, closed and MDW coated
40" Open spool or 15" and 40" Closed
Esthetic coating available, 2x5"/pk
NiTi Retraction Springs w/Eylets

9mm or 12mm, .009 & .010" on .030" 
Tops in NiTi Lasting Strength
Great for retraction or extrusion
MDW coated options available


Retainer Wire, Twisted SS
Flat SS Twisted, .010"x.028" in 60" Spool or 6"X10 Tube
Twisted SS is stronger than braided and breaks less.
MDW coated and 24K Gold Plated available

Multi-strand SS or NiTi
Stainless Steel Sraight, Twisted and Coaxial
NiTi 3 strand Twist 
Round and Rectangular Available
Stainless Steel Lab Wire
Orthodontic Lab Stainless Steel Wire
.028mm through .045mm, 14"x20 tube
Bulk orders 1000 or more per pack
TAD NiTi Springs
TAD NiTi Extrusion Springs
12mm length, .010 on .030