Spooled Orthodontic Wire
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Spooled Niti, 15 feet
Price: $13.25
Round sizes of 15 feet on a spool
Bright, Smooth and Resiliance
Quality memory wire!!!
15" Spool Open Niti
.010 on .030 is our biggest seller!
15" Spool Closed Niti
Price: $15.25
Keep spaces open with our bright and strong Niti closed coil springs!!
15" Spool Stop Wound Niti (Distalization Spring)
Price: $14.70
15" on spool
Distalizing Spring holds force with spring!
Really great quality
Bright and smooth
SS Closed Coil, 36", .010x.030
Price: $6.10
304 Stainless Steel
High Shine, Smooth 
Great for holding spaces without paying the cost of niti.
SS Open Coil Spring, 36" spool, .010x
Price: $4.50
Hard 304 SS, bright, smooth and strong!